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Mifepristone - A Complete Guide

Introduction to Mifepristone


There are a number of social, economic, emotional factors are involved in deciding to have an abortion. A woman must have every independence along with to continue the pregnancy or to terminate it. Women have a variety of reasons which make her choose an abortion. Contraceptive failure is the most common reason for choosing abortion, the parents have the feeling they are economically not yet ready for the child raising up. Medical reasons meant to terminate the pregnancy, although not as common, it is the very difficult choice for a pregnant woman. Some women end up choosing abortion to prevent the birth defects of child and the health of the mother. When abortion is the only way to come out from all the pregnancy issues then you must choose the best way to do.


Surgical and medical are two methods intended for an abortion procedure. The surgical method is done with tools and performed at a hospital under the observation of specialist but it is very expensive and time taking process. Apart from that individual has to face the intolerable pain. The medical method is done by the help of pills; it is a very easy method When abortion is the only way to come out from all the pregnancy issues then you must choose the best way individual can perform at home with the help of others. Buy Mifepristone as one of the widely used active medicines for the abortion which is easily available with the brand name of RU486 and Mifeprex



Guidelines for Using Mifepristone to Induce Abortion


Mifepristone belongs to the class of drugs of Anti-progesterone hormone which helps to promote the oxygen and nutrients which are required to continue the pregnancy. Mifepristone is basically worked to inhibit the action of Anti-progesterone hormone and then finally leads to terminate the pregnancy.


Guidelines for pregnancies up to 9 weeks:


Step 1: Generic mifepristone is available in a pack of 3 tablets. Female is directed to consume all 3 tablets of at once on an empty stomach with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food


Step 2: Then wait for 2-3 days and Take a clinical visit for the verification of successful abortion


Step 3: . If still pregnant then take 2 other tablets of Misoprostol



Guidelines for Mifepristone:


Mifepristone have some medical conditions which are not in favor to consume the mifepristone such as the hypersensitive reaction towards the generic Mifepristone, in the case of suffering from regular problem of vaginal bleeding, when the female is having the confirm or suspected ectopic pregnancy, in the case of having the medical history of the cardiac disorder. If you are suffering from the renal and hepatic disorder.


The females who are less than the age of 17 years are not allowed to consume this medicine.


Before consuming the medication keep in mind that you have to remove the all intrauterine device IUD. after consuming Mifepristone individual will face heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps very soonare very common



Intended Effects and Side Effects of Mifepristone


There can be other side effects like giddiness, Weakness, swelling in extremities, urinary tract Infection, change in appetite, Joint pain, sickness, Back pain, change in colour of skin, Sudden changes in blood pressure, fever. You will feel weak for some days so you have to give special care and attention to cover your health and blood loss. Follow the diet enriches with the proteins, vitamins and nutrients along with lots of fluids. Take complete bed rest. Do not take part in with your partner for a week.



Where to buy Mifepristone


In most countries, mifepristone can be purchased in pharmacies as RU-486 Pill or under some other trade name as an anti-ulcer medication. Some medicine stores may ask for a medical prescription for this purpose. Buying so-called "abortion drugs" or "Pregnancy Termination Medication" on the black market or from unauthorised Internet sources is not recommended. Women living in countries can purchase the combined mifepristone-misoprostol from online (http://www.abortionpill24.com) with a donation of 88.33 USd (exceptions are made in difficult cases). This price may be higher than misoprostol tablets purchased locally.


Source: https://www.rebelmouse.com/abortionpill24/a-complete-guide-to-mifepristone-1958375631.html

Source: http://www.rebelmouse.com/abortionpill24/a-complete-guide-to-mifepristone-1958375631.html